Star Citizen Players Get 3 Special Bikes to Ride in ArcCorp

Star Citizen

Cloud Imperium Games released the Alpha 3.5 version of Star Citizen recently and granted all the gamers a free week to experience all of the Star Citizen’s huge world, especially its newly added ArcCorp planet, which is the first planet of the game that’s fully covered with cities and human beings. With a planet full […]

Star Citizen Backers Want Refund As Development Process Doesn’t Satisfy Them

Star Citizen

“How’s it gonna end?” The most trending question in the mind of whoever supports or even thinks about Star Citizen is that when the game will be available as a full and complete version? It’s really hard to answer to the question, even for the developers. From 2012 until now, Star Citizen has raised more […]

Star Citizen Is Available for Free Till May 8

Star Citizen

First announced at 2012, Star Citizen is the most ambitious ongoing project right now with a huge amount of budget provided by fans and supporters all over the world. Cloud Imperium Games has designed a detailed roadmap for the game and tries to hit the milestones exactly at the determined time. ArcCorp is one of […]

Star Citizen Alpha 3.5 Is Now Live for All the Backers

Star Citizen

Star Citizen has been the most successful project in Kickstarter so far, but it might be the biggest game with the longest development process to start a new era in gaming industry and video games. Everything in Star Citizen has some revolutionary elements in it, from its huge world and unbelievable scales, to its level […]

New Star Citizen Footage Reveals Drake Corsair Ship

Star Citizen

New Star Citizen Footage Reveals Drake Corsair Ship Cloud Imperium Games revealed today a new trailer that showcases the development of perhaps the most ambitious game ever release to the date Star Citizen. The developers unveils a new ship called Drake Corsair, this will serve players as a multi-crew exploration ship with the capability to […]

E3 2018: Everything that Happened During the PC Gaming Show

PC Gaming

E3 2018: Everything that Happened During the PC Gaming Show In the PC Gaming Show annual E3 showcase, were revealed new games, trailers, and it was featured interviews with some of PC gaming’s most interesting developers. This year’s sponsors of the PC Gaming Show were: Oculus Rift, Acer, Improbable, Tripwire Interactive, Stardock Entertainment, Frontier, Team […]