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New Star Citizen Footage Reveals Drake Corsair Ship

New Star Citizen Footage Reveals Drake Corsair Ship

Cloud Imperium Games revealed today a new trailer that showcases the development of perhaps the most ambitious game ever release to the date Star Citizen.

The developers unveils a new ship called Drake Corsair, this will serve players as a multi-crew exploration ship with the capability to boast heave weapons, because why not. This new video acts as a teaser for the upcoming Alpha version who will become available in the following weeks.

Check the new teaser trailer down below:

 We get to see more of the new planet ArcCorp, and more precisely of its landing zone Area 18. The developers provide a look at the magic of lighting that provides an additional dimension to the environment, and at the food stands that will make it look more lively and “lived-in.”

If you want to see more of Star Citizen (which is coming exclusively to PC) you can also take another look at Area 18 and a new mission giver who will appear in alpha 3.5. The developer also recently released a batch of tutorials which are perfect to see what the game is all about.

Star Citizen is the perfect example of an ambitious project being kickstarted by fans, until this date it has founded over $250 millions. The game will be a massively multiplayer, space trading and combat game developed by Chris Roberts’ company Cloud Imperium Games for PC.

Read the full article at Twinfinite.

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