Star Citizen Surpasses $700 Million in Crowdfunding, No Release Date Yet

According to developer Cloud Imperium, the grand space exploration MMO Star Citizen has Surpassed $700 million in crowdfunding. It’s worth noting that the game first went into development back in 2010, and a full release date has yet to be announced. However, Cloud Imperium Games head Chris Roberts recently confirmed in a blog post that Star Citizen is close to its 1.0 launch. 


The game’s current roadmap can be seen below:

The Release View

The Persistent Universe of Star Citizen receives updates on a quarterly basis, and the Release View’s intent is to show the planned features for the next quarter’s Persistent Universe update. These cards represent a high level of confidence in their release timing, however these features may still move depending on unforeseen circumstances.

Feature Cards are added to the Release View near the start of the quarter, once they’ve been completed for release and the QA process begins, marked as Tentative. This label remains until the particular feature undergoes a final review.

If it passes its review, it is integrated into the release development build and will then be marked as Committed. At this point, it is a nearly certain that the feature will arrive with its corresponding update. Once the feature has been released to the Live servers, its status is then updated to Released.


Deliverable Labels

Tentative: This deliverable is tentatively scheduled for this quarter, but hasn’t gone through the review process and may shift around on the Roadmap.

Committed: This deliverable is scheduled for this quarter and has passed the final review process. There is a very low chance of this deliverable moving.

Released: This deliverable has been released.


The Progress Tracker

The Progress Tracker shows you what each team is working on for the quarter and their priorities after completing the immediate deliverable at hand. Keep in mind that this isn’t necessarily when these items will be completed, simply when the work on them is scheduled to finish out by that team specifically.

For the Progress Tracker view, we’re giving you four quarters of visibility into each team’s development. The further out you project, the more fluid (subject to change/tentative) the work is and the less committed the schedules.


The Roadmap Companion Guide

For more detailed information on the Public Roadmap and how to navigate it, check out our comprehensive Roadmap Companion Guide here: 

Roadmap Origin

For a detailed look into the rationale behind the creation of our new Public Roadmap, make sure to check out our Letter from the Chairman from December: 

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