Bigben Interactive Acquired the Developer of Greedfall

Bigben Interactive and Spiders

Bigben Interactive has a great vision for being one of the biggest companies for developing and publishing AA games until 2022. In order to reach the goal, Bigben Interactive has started to acquire some of the talented game-developing studios to expand its presence in different genres. Last year, they’ve signed contracts with Cyanide, the developer […]

Greedfall New Gameplay Footage Showcases Combat Mechanics and Customization


The team behind titles like Bound by Flame and The Technomancer is now developing Greedfall as a new RPG and here is a new gameplay footage from the game that premiered back in E3 2019. Greedfall is a story-driven Role-playing title in which you start your journey to a mysterious island where some monstrous creatures […]

GreedFall Will Be Coming in September 2019; Story Trailer Arrived


Dozens of brave men and women come along to take part in a dangerous journey to a mysterious island in search of a magical cure for a deadly illness that has spread all over the city. This is the basis for your adventure through GreedFall that received its story trailer recently. GreedFall originally unveiled at […]

Focus Home Interactive and Spiders Announces Their New RPG: GreedFall


Focus Home Interactive and Spiders Announces Their New RPG: GreedFall It was announced by Spiders, GreedFall, their latest RPG, currently in development for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Revealed at “le What’s Next de Focus” event last week, GreedFall today unveil a first teaser trailer, hinting at the 17th century setting of the game and […]