GreedFall Will Be Coming in September 2019; Story Trailer Arrived

Dozens of brave men and women come along to take part in a dangerous journey to a mysterious island in search of a magical cure for a deadly illness that has spread all over the city. This is the basis for your adventure through GreedFall that received its story trailer recently.

GreedFall originally unveiled at last year’s E3 as an action RPG coming to current-gen platforms. The game is being developed by Spiders, the team behind The Technomancer. GreedFall offers you hunting and getting haunted in a remote island with mysterios creators that somehow remind me of Lovecraftian titles that we’ve seen before. It takes place in an era that looking for treasures in seas and oceans was one of the best ways to get rich, unless you encounter with things that you’ve never seen before.

The trailer showcases some of the main characters within the story, along with how the supernatural events at the aforementioned island affects everyone’s behavior. GreedFall will value your choices throughout the story by shaping the ending and events of the game, based on your decisions. Here you can check out the trailer for it:

GreedFall will be coming to PS4, Xbox One and PC in September 2019. It’s yet to be known that whether the game will be Epic Gams Store exclusive, like Focus Home’s previous titles such as World War Z.

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