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Greedfall New Gameplay Footage Showcases Combat Mechanics and Customization

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The team behind titles like Bound by Flame and The Technomancer is now developing Greedfall as a new RPG and here is a new gameplay footage from the game that premiered back in E3 2019.

Greedfall is a story-driven Role-playing title in which you start your journey to a mysterious island where some monstrous creatures await you to say a brutal welcome. Set in the era of Pirates, you will create your own character to enter the world of Greedfall. During the new footage, we get to see some features for customization system and character creation settings that deliver a lot of options to choose.

The video starts with a combat against a giant near to the ships, through which some of the available weapons are shown. Greedfall encompasses different locations with various types of enemies and during this video, showing-off the combat capabilities are one of the main focuses.

In Greedfall you will be able to go through missions in multiple ways and get your objectives with different methods. Also, you are able to use stealth elements and take down the enemies without making a noise. Here you can check out the new gameplay footage:

Greedfall will be available in September this year for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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