Days Gone Receives First Bike Challenge, New Update 1.25 Details


Bend Studio has revealed the first Bike Challenge to hit their freaker infested Days Gone title along with the new update 1.25. Players can get their hands on the new challenge and update this week as a free content release. We released our first #DaysGone bike challenge! Race around Diamond Lake to gather bandages as […]

Days Gone Gets a New Trailer Detailing Deacon’s Bike

Days Gone

Just two days remain until we jump into the post-apocalyptic world of Northwest Pacific to survive lonely through the lands of zombies, but if you need reviewers approval on the game, tomorrow is day for you to get your answer from the media. However, Sony and Bend Studio are really hopeful to make PlayStation’s 2019 […]

Days Gone Received a Short Teaser Hyping Us for the Launch

Days Gone

With April closing to its ending days, big fish of the month are coming out. After Mortal Kombat 11 that released today and received great reviews, now the time has come for Bend Studio’s Days Gone to make its way through the stores and before that, get scores from reviewers. However, the development team does […]

Days Gone World “Is Brutal and Harsh”, According to the New Trailer

Days Gone

In 2013, Sony tried out a story-driven post-apocalyptic idea as a main exclusive project with one its most reliable studios, and the result was something extra-ordinary within the whole industry. The Last of Us is still an iconic exclusive title for PlayStation, no matter the sequel will be able to extend it or not, but […]

Days Gone New Trailer Is a Combination of Gameplay and Live-Action

Days Gone

Get ready to survive in huge lands and forests of Northwest Pacific with Deacon St. John who has missed her wife in early days of zombie outbreak and now runs lonely among the freakers to live just one more day. Days Gone will be coming in next week as Sony’s first big exclusive in 2019 […]

Days Gone Needs Nearly 70 GB of Free Space to Be Installed

Days Gone

Bend Studio’s open world survival horror zombie shooter title is going to get released in less than two weeks and the community is so excited to see what Days Gone will be bringing to them within its post-apocalyptic Northwest Pacific forests which is now filled with hordes of zombies. After the game gone gold during […]

Days Gone Reviews Will Be Published on April 25

Days Gone

Bend Studios has done everything that it could during past years and finally their upcoming title, Days Gone, has gone gold last month. Now, everybody, including developers, are awaiting for the results of the day-and-night effort that has been put on the game so far. Success of the game may be defined in three sections: […]