Bend Studio’s open world survival horror zombie shooter title is going to get released in less than two weeks and the community is so excited to see what Days Gone will be bringing to them within its post-apocalyptic Northwest Pacific forests which is now filled with hordes of zombies. After the game gone gold during last month, Bend Studio started to reveal more aspects of its upcoming title in order to give you a glimpse of every interesting thing that has been set in the world of Days Gone, but today’s information is a hardware thing, it’s been revealed that the game will need 67 GB of free space to be installed on your PS4 or PS4 Pro.

According to a report by Playfront, players will need to make 67 GB of free space on their devices for Days Gone. The report hasn’t mentioned any difference on file size of the game between PS4 and PS4 Pro versions, but it did revealed a day one update for Days Gone which unlike the file size for the game itself, won’t be too much large, but still we don’t have any clue on the size of day one patch. The update will mostly improve the game from graphical point of view to fix the expected bugs.

Days Gone is the first AAA exclusive game for PS4 that will be landing in 2019. It’s also the studio’s most ambitious project so far, in which you are going to play as Deacon St. John who has lost her wife in the early days of a zombie outbreak and now survives lonely within a world full of zombies and hostages. The game will also get a story-driven DLC to give a more in-depth look at characters.

Days Gone is set to be released on April 26th exclusively for PS4.

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