Days Gone

Days Gone New Trailer Is a Combination of Gameplay and Live-Action

Get ready to survive in huge lands and forests of Northwest Pacific with Deacon St. John who has missed her wife in early days of zombie outbreak and now runs lonely among the freakers to live just one more day. Days Gone will be coming in next week as Sony’s first big exclusive in 2019 and the community is so hopeful for Bend Studio’s upcoming zombie shooter open-world game that seems to feature a deep and engaging story.

While the launch trailer for Days Gone is still on the way, PlayStation Japan account has posted a new trailer for the game that combines gameplay with some exciting live-action scenes from famous streamer 2BRO. The trailer showcases Deacon while he has encountered with a lot of freakers running toward him to tore the protagonist apart and turn him into a zombie. Although Deacon uses all his weapons to slow down the horde and escape with his Drifter, but finally he couldn’t make it and got killed and buried between hundreds of zombies. However, the live-action part goes more interesting with the death of Deacon, as both players turn into zombies holding dualshockers in hands. Although the trailer speaks in Japanese, scenes themselves are meaningful enough to get the point. Here you can check out the new trailer for Days Gone:

Days Gone is set to be released on April 26th exclusively for PS4. The game features 30 hours of gameplay and will receive a story-driven DLC after launch.

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