Days Gone

Days Gone Reviews Will Be Published on April 25

Bend Studios has done everything that it could during past years and finally their upcoming title, Days Gone, has gone gold last month. Now, everybody, including developers, are awaiting for the results of the day-and-night effort that has been put on the game so far. Success of the game may be defined in three sections: Reviews, Sales and Feedback, with the first one coming on April 25th at 14.01pm CEST (5:01 AM PDT) according to TheSixthAxis website.

Days Gone will be released on April 26 all over the world, but one day before its launch, reviews from different media will go live to tell us whether the game has achieved its goals. Days Gone is going to be the first title to release in 2019, among other great exclusive games of PS4. Bend Studio has been working on the game since 2016 and they will also support it after launch with releasing a story-driven DLC.

If you take a look at Sony’s exclusive titles in the first half of the year during past years, it has always launched great games like Horizon: Zero Dawn and God of War. Although it’s a bit hard to repeat the eye-catching success of God of War once again, Bend Studio could make a name for itself by delivering a polished game in every crucial aspect.

Days Gone will take players 30 hours to be finished and it contains 6 hours of cut-scenes to tell its story in the best way possible. In post-apocalyptic lands of Northwest Pacific, you will play as Deacon St. John who lost his wife in the early days of the outbreak and now survives lonely in the vast and dangerous world of the game. Use your guns, bullets, motorcycle and everything you have to stand against hordes of zombies and live one more day in this world.

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