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Days Gone
Days Gone

Days Gone Studio Working On New IP

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Days Gone developer Bend Studio has confirmed via a new tweet that they are working on a new IP. While nothing major was revealed in the tweet other than new jobs postings, PlayStation Studios head Herman Hulst commented that they are working on a “Great new concept.”

The listing includes several art positions including Artists, Programmers, and Designers. The implication here is that all of these positions are hiring for whatever this new IP is. This is the first time we have heard of a new game coming out of the studio since reports this April suggest that a sequel to Days Gone was pitched by the studio and ultimately turned down by Sony.

These reports helped shed light on the departure of both the creative director and lead writer of the original game in the months leading up to the report being published. This was also around the same time that reports of Sony changing focus internally toward specific franchises and studios.

It was reported that at one point in time Bend Studio was developing a new Uncharted game, though they are clearly no longer working on that. It is unclear if this suggestion was accurate at the time, or if development on the game had been either canceled or moved to a different studio. As this Tweet makes clear though, their next game will be a completely new project and not an extension of anything existing.

Days Gone was one of the best-selling games of 2019, when it was initially released for the PlayStation 4. As the report from April stated, the game’s overall sales, coupled with the game’s mixed reception and long development time, made Sony feel that overall the franchise had failed to meet expectations. It was then released on PC in May of this year, as part of Sony’s push into the PC market.

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