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State of Play
State of Play

Sony Announces State of Play For Next Week

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Sony has announced that they will be holding their next State of Play event next week on Wednesday, October 27th. Their last State of Play was held back in July, following the end of E3. A Playstation Showcase was also recently held at the beginning of September which offered our first real look at the upcoming God of War: Ragnarok, as well as a new look at the upcoming racing game Gran Turismo 7

This State of Play was announced via a PlayStation Blog post, as well as several other social media platforms such as Twitter. It will take place at 2:00 pm PT / 10:00 pm BST so mark your calendars if you want to see what is on offer.

According to the blog post, the event itself will be roughly 20 minutes long and it will focus primarily on Third-Party developers working with Sony. This means we are unlikely to see any major announcements from PlayStation Studios, but since we saw a lot from them during the PlayStation Showcase this is not very surprising. There is always the possibility we might see one or two announcements in the camp, like something pertaining to the recently acquired Bluepoint Games, but that remains to be seen.

It was also noted that much of what we will see will be new footage for previously announced games. They did confirm “a few reveals from our partners around the world,” but with only 20 minutes of runtime, it is hard to know what we will see in that regard or how much.

In terms of a State of Play, this sounds pretty standard fare that should be expected by this point in time. PlayStation dropped out of E3 several years ago leaving a pretty big time slot free right before the event, and a huge gap on the show floor. Instead, they have chosen to dish out smaller updates on games out through the year, similar to Nintendo’s approach.

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