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Bluepoint Games Officially Joins PlayStation Studios

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After much speculation, and several rumors suggesting as much, Sony has officially announced that the remake and remaster specialist studio Bluepoint Games will be joining PlayStation Studios. Previously during the initial rumors, both companies downplayed these suggestions, though this acquisition follows pretty closely in line with how Sony has acquired studios in the past.

This news was announced via Twitter, in a video curated by Hermen Hulst, the head of PlayStation Studios:

Bluepoint has had a successful working relationship with Sony to this point. Previously the studio had remastered two classic PlayStation 2 era games from Team Ico, their first game Ico, and its follow-up Shadow of The Colossus. This remastered collection proved to be very successful, leading to the studio fully remaking the latter game for PlayStation 4.

This is not the only ported collection that the studio has been involved in, also doing God of War Collection, Metal Gear Solid HD Collection, and Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection. They also ported PlayStation 3 game Flower and PlayStation Vita game Gravity Rush to the Playstation 4.

While the studio had already built up a reputation prior, their second remake, that of the original Souls game Demon Souls probably helped seal this deal. The game was released as a launch title for the PlayStation 5 and was extremely well received by both critics and fans.

It is unclear just what the future will hold for Bluepoint Games now that they have been officially acquired. Since both companies have a working relationship dating back over a decade I am sure we will continue to get the level of quality we have previously seen from the company. Some rumors have suggested that a Metal Gear Solid Remake might be in the companies future but there has been nothing to confirm that as of yet.

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