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Silent Hill
Silent Hill

Silent Hill Reboot To be Revealed This Year – Rumor

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AestheticGamer, a renowned leaker has addressed the recent Silent Hill rumors, he denies that Sony is planning to acquire some of Konami’s IPs, he is still confident of predicting that 2020 will see the reveal of a re-introduction of the terror franchise developed by one of the Sony Interactive Entertainment’s studios, Kojima Production is still expected to be the main developer.

Disclaimer – This information has not been verified, therefore this is not factual.

I wouldn’t say confirmed, even as someone who still believes in what he’s shared to be true I’m not even 100% positive, I’m like 85-90% positive. It’s not confirmed until it is.

But I still fully believe in what I’ve shared and that it’s happening (which for the record, is that Sony Japan Studio is making a SH game with Toyama, Akira and Masahiro Ito working on it with others), I NEVER shared and have multiple times debunked the Sony buying Konami IPs rumors.

I do hear the plan is the game will be revealed this year, (and at this point it’s nearing being in development for about a year and a half almost), but it’s hard to speak concretely about these things.

AestheticGamer usually leaks information from Capcom, but in early 2020, he revealed that Konami has decided to“soft reboot” the Silent Hill, and was looking to hire developers for two new Silent Hill titles, a reboot and an episodic game. The most interesting aspect of the rumor is that, Sony-Kojima and Konami were in the negotiating table for the episodic title.

The leaker also informed what was allegedly being negotiated by both parties. Sony would develop the episodic Silent Hill game, on the condition that they retain the rights for that game. Insiders have told the leaker that in 2019, the soft reboot of the franchise started its production under two different studios, for this project Masahiro Ito was hired. This project is the one who will be announced later this year, should AestheticGamer’s informant be accurate.

Back in December 2019, Hideo Kojima subtly teased that he was working on a silent office for new ideas, all that could be seen was his PC and its wallpaper, a hill. In March 2020, Kojima Productions’ Head of Marketing, teased an announcement that never took place, the Kojima’s employee wrote on Twitter Sorry for being ‘Silent’ the image shows him ‘Next Week!!!” on pyramid branded pencil.

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