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Kojima Productions SIlent Hill
Kojima Productions SIlent Hill

Kojima Productions Teasing a Silent Hill Game

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Kojima Productions have been constantly teasing that something huge is coming, it all indicates that the studio founded by legendary director Hideo Kojima might be close to announce a collaboration with Konami to develop a new Silent Hill game.

The first tease came on December 23, 2019, when Kojima teased that he was working on the office alone, while the news at that moment suggested that he was just writing ideas while everyone else was taking part on holidays’ celebrations. The keen eye of fans linked the sand hill on his monitor and the fact that he is working in a silent office. While this speculation might seem far-fetched, it is worth considering that Hideo Kojima created truly horror masterpiece with Silent Hill P.T.

Planets seems to be aligning for the creation of a new Silent Hill, as the original monster designer Masahiro Ito, has revealed his collaboration as a “Core Member” in an unannounced project; there is little to be known about this game, he suggested that the project is linked to Konami or Silent Hill when he says “I’m working on a title as a core member. I hope the title won’t be cancelled… I can tell you nothing yet.”.

Masahiro Ito has shared some illustrations for a game; art for the upcoming title was revealed on July 15, 2018, suggesting that the project is at an advanced development stage.

Today, a more clear indication of the next project of the studio might be very clear. In the new Tweet it reads Sorry to be silent everyone! The Head of Marketing and Communications of Kojima Productions writes on a notepad Next Week! while using a pencil branded Pyramid.

While all this might sound like speculation, there is no other studio more capable of delivering an original Silent Hill like Kojima Productions, the studio is largely formed by former Konami developers who closely worked with Hideo Kojima on previous projects, but what’s more eye catching is that Kojima Productions is mainly founded with key members of the Team Silent.

Team Silent was a team of young developers who had  been working for Konami, before established the team, the developers had been working for other projects who ended up being cancelled.

Team Silent exceeded Konami’s expectations. They were known for develop the Silent Hill 1 to 3, the games who are cherished by the fans due to it’s psychological horror and perfect gameplay for what is trying to deliver.

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