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Hideo Kojima
Hideo Kojima

Hideo Kojima to Expirment with “New Media”

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Legendary director Hideo Kojima is thrilled with the idea of creating “new media” using upcoming technology. He refers to artificial intelligence and streaming services.

Having already won the Best Game Direction Award at The Games Awards 2019 for its first project after becoming an independent studio from Konami, Hideo Kojima and its studio Kojima Productions are looking to once again revolutionize the way gamers play and feel video games.

According to reports, Hideo Kojima is already working for his next creation. In a recent tweet he said that rather than seeing movies he opted for staying late in his office “working on the next concept.”

After almost three decades of Metal Gear games and a successful Death Stranding, Hideo Kojima puts the past behind and looks forward; a new game is already in development, even if he is just writing ideas.

Kojima shared in a recent tweet how he is inspired by the upcoming Tokyo Olympics, which will not only measure athletes’ performance, but will showcase all kinds of new technology.

“We’ll have Tokyo Olympics in the year of 2020, and also the extreme change in entertainment industry will come in the next 10 years with the arrival of streaming and AI. I’d like to create something related to such new media and totally brand-new entertainment for tomorrow.” Hideo Kojima, January 1.

Hideo Kojima has also talked about the possibility to make films:

“In the future Kojima Productions will start making films,” Kojima said at the time. “If you can do one thing well, then you can do everything well.”

“I think within the next few years, gaming will move on to streaming,” he added. “Movies, dramas and games will all be streamed, and you’ll enjoy them on your iPad or iPhone or a screen anytime, anywhere. When that happens, games, films and dramas will have to compete in the same space. I’m very interested in the new format of gaming that will appear on there, and that’s what I want to take on.”

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