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Silent Hill
Silent Hill

Silent Hill’s Designer is a “Core Member” In New Project

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Silent Hill’s monster designer, Masahiro Ito, has revealed his collaboration as a “Core Member” in an unannounced project; there is little to be known about this game, as Ito says:

“I’m working on a title as a core member. I hope the title won’t be cancelled… I can tell you nothing yet.” Masahiro Ito has shared some illustrations for a game; art for the upcoming title was revealed on July 15, 2018, suggesting that the project is at an advanced development stage.


While it’s impossible to confirm these illustrations are actually for the game for which he is a “Core Member,” it does resemble the new illustration he posted on Twitter yesterday.

Masahiro Ito was part of the acclaimed Team Silent, a group of young developers assembled by Konami. Ito worked as a background and creature designer of Silent Hill, as well as art director and creature designer of Silent Hill 2 and Silent Hill 3.

Some Twitter users suggest that Masahiro Ito is actually working on a new Silent Hill game, thus, his last sentence in the tweet “I hope the title won’t be cancelled.” But actually, Masahiro Ito is no stranger to cancelled games, his former colleges of Team Silent also weren’t, as the team was assembled by Konami with the leaders of other cancelled projects. Each key member was working on a later-cancelled project before joining Team Ninja.

Some of the key members of Team Ninja were:

  • Masashi Tsuboyama: Background designer
  • Suguru Murakoshi: Drama director
  • Hiroyuki Owaku: Scenario writer
  • Gozo Kitao: Executive producer
  • Akihiro Imamura: Producer

Those who are missing in the list are currently working outside Konami, and a large portion of Team Ninja is currently working at Kojima Productions, but those who remain could be working with Masahiro Ito on his new project.

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