Perfect Dark

Perfect Dark Announced at The Game Awards 2020

One of the biggest surprises of The Game Awards 2020 was the announcement of a new Perfect Dark game. The project is being produced by Xbox Game Studios’ The Initiative.

Check the announcement trailer down below:


Part of the Xbox Game Studios, The Initiative was established in 2018 by a dream team of developers, the main HQ is located in Santa Monica California, with a mission is to “create ambitious and innovative game experiences that our audience will love”. For achieving its goal developers responsible for games like Destiny 2, Uncharted, God of War, Tomb Raider, and various other big franchises joined forces to create what they call an AAAA next-gen game.

The Initiative is led by Darrell Gallagher and his team of 16 veterans includes design experts from Bungie and Crystal Dynamics. Shadow of the Tomb Raider‘s Director Remi Lacoste, and Destiny 2’s narrative designer Christine Thompson.

According to Microsoft, The Initiative will produce big, expensive games, something that will change how the industry sees video games and may reach beyond the blockbusters we have had up to this point.

We are a tight-knit team of experienced creators bound by the desire to push the art of video games forward. We work in an inspirational space in Santa Monica where we can immerse ourselves in the creative process. We operate as an independent studio under the banner and financial backing of Xbox Game Studios and Microsoft.

Everything we do comes from a passion for innovation and the ambition to create something groundbreaking. We believe that teamwork, diversity of thought, and a personal drive to build something great are the keys to our success.

Not much was revealed from the upcoming Perfect Dark, however, more information could have been leaked earlier this week as an anonymous informant leaked the announcement of the game. According to him, the game will feature standalone stories set in the same universe. The game will also feature an optional co-op mode, and it should play like most Splinter Cell games.

Source: The Game Awards 2020

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