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The Initiative
The Initiative

God of War Former Level Designers Joined Microsoft’s The Initiative

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Xbox Game Studios’ mysterious member, The Initiative, is still hiring game developing veterans to gear up for its first project, which is definitely a next-gen title. In the new set of recruiting, The Initiative welcomed three level designers who have worked on last year’s critically acclaimed God of War.

Ian Miller, Ray Yeomans and Chris O’Neill are newcomers to The Initiative. While all of them have been part of development team behind God of War, Miller and Yeomans have also worked on Tomb Raider series at Crystal Dynamics.

Aside from these people, Xbox recently hired Fiona Cherbak, who was talent acquisition lead at Sony Interactive Entertainment, and it seems the new additions to different studios within Xbox Game Studios are happening under the vision of Cherbak.

The Initiative mostly has been formed by former developers behind God of War and Tomb Raider series, which might be clue on the studio’s next project being a third-person story-driven adventure game with platforming mechanics and definitely action moments.

Since The Initiative still has more empty places to fill with experienced people, their first project might not reveal even at next year’s E3, though we really hope to see a sight of their upcoming game soon.

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