Next-Gen Criterion Game Teased at EA Play Live

During EA Play, Chief Studios Officer Laura Miele teased some of the next gen games being produced at Electronic Arts, an eye catching teaser video of Criterion ‘s next racing game was unveiled, showcasing staggering graphics.

Generation shifts are an opportunity to push beyond the boundaries of gaming as we know it today, and this time is no different.

Our studios are taking their crazy ambitious ideas and making them real, Criterion is known for how their games feel from superior physics to nuanced details of gameplay this team hand curates the moment-to-moment experience and with the new consoles this year there will be a seamless immersion which will get you into the race in a matter of second.

BioWare, DICE and Motive next-gen project were teased with a short teaser video. Miele said “we don’t want to wait until next June to share what the teams are working on”, so is very likely that the project teased are planned to launch on late 2021, or early 2022.

Now we’ve talked a lot about all the exciting games you’ll be playing this year, but our studios are working even further out creating new experiences, new stories, new gameplay all enabled by new console, technology and we’re so excited that was to come .

During today’s EA Play Live event, Skate 4 was announced, as well as the launch of Apex Legends on Steam and Nintendo Switch, the company also announced that more of their IPs will feature cross-play functionality. It was also announced that their EA games will be present at more platforms than ever, EA Access will also be making its way to Steam, this means that it will be the first subscription service to arrive on Steam.

Source: EA Play Live

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