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Skate 4 Announced At EA Play Live Event

After a long hiatus from the series, Skate is back. EA announced at the EA Play Live event that the fourth entry in the series will be coming. Although the game is a long way from release, EA was excited to announce that the game is in development after passionate demands from the fan base.

Unlike Tony Hawk, Skate is a more realistic take on skateboarding in an urban environment. Skate implemented dual-stick foot control unlike Tony Hawk, which featured simpler controls to execute insane combos. The dual-stick foot controls revolutionized skateboarding games, and inspired controls for games like Skater XL and Session.

The last Skate game was released a decade ago, selling approximately 2.68 million copies in total; many thought it would be the end of the series. However, fans were able to convince EA that it is a game worth renewing by using the #skate4 campaign on social medias. Cuz Parry, the creativee director for the Skate series said “You (the fans) commented this game into existence – amazing!”.

“We secretly got together. It’s the beginning; the Skate evolution continues.” –  Cuz Parry, Creative Director

“We’ve been waiting years, honestly, to make the right game, at the right time, with the right idea, and — really, really pleased to say that we’re here.” – Deran Chung, Game Director

Although no information regarding which consoles it will be made available or release date has been released, fans can look forward to Skate 4 as the latest entry to the Skate series. The title will also be the first Skate game on modern consoles, as Skate 3 was released for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 a decade ago. Fans can look forward to the likelihood of Skate 4 coming to new-gen consoles within the next few years.

Source: EA Play Live

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