bloodhound from apex legends
bloodhound from apex legends

Apex Legends Lost Treasures Event Announced

Today, Respawn Entertainment announced the Apex LegendsLost Treasures’ event coming next week on June 23. The event will include new cosmetics, updated abilities, and a limited time mode. The mode will be called ‘Armed and Dangerous’ and it will remove all respawn beacons from the map, and removing all weapons except snipers and shotguns. The mode will also remove all types of armor and instead only include the new EVO armor.

The event will also see the introduction of the mobile respawn beacon, which will replace the static respawn beacons in the ‘Armed and Dangerous’ mode. Players will start with a mobile respawn beacon in their inventory and they will be able to decide where they want to bring back team mates. It has not been announced yet whether this new item will come to the standard battle royale mode.

The trailer for the event also shows off Lifeline’s new ability; it looks like squad mates will be able to self-revive if they are close to Lifeline’s D.O.C. The announcement also showed off a new heirloom, which is a talking golden statue of Mirage. The game will also feature a new town takeover called ‘Crypto’s Map Room’.

Apex Legends was released in early 2019, and was met with great success. The game has continued to be updated with new maps, characters, and cosmetics. The game has received 5 new characters so far, with the latest legend being Loba. Respawn boasts a player-base of 70 million players across consoles and PC.

Apex Legends will also be available on Steam starting this fall, and will finally include cross-play between available consoles. Moreover, fans can look forward to Apex Legends’ release on Nintendo Switch this fall as well.

Source: EA Play Live

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