Leaked: Destiny 3 In Development

A very well known leaker in the industry who refers himself as “/AnonTheNine” has stated at Reddit that Bungie have just started the development of Destiny 3 he also claims that it will have Guardians using the Darkness, and Europa as a patrol zone. /AnonTheNine also affirms that Bungie is making big emphasis on the MMORPG aspect of Destiny 3.

PvEvP patrol zones will also be present in Destiny 3, /AnonTheNine says that PvEvP will be more focused towards a fight for a territory rather than just shooting players for fun.

Read below some of the comments /AnonTheNine posted on Reddit:

“Nope. The development is starting right now. Chris Barrett game director. Luke Smith still there in a big role.

Guardians using Darkness. Open World PvPvE areas.

I’ve never said it would be like that joke that the Dark Zone is. Never. Think more about it like fight for a territory, where PvP is there for a reason and not for griefing the heck out of people.

Thank you. Just know that Destiny 3 will be even more “hardcore-y” than Forsaken. And finally they’re going to push the RPG side of the game.

Destiny 2 vanilla was their idea from the beginning. The “reboot” didn’t change that, the game was born to be for casuals. If Destiny 3 will really have the ideas they want to implement, trust me, a lot of Guardians who play two hours per week will abandon the game. They are going balls out with the RPG stuff.”

So far neither Bungie or Activision has made an official announcement about the development of Destiny 3, however /AnonTheNine is well know in the Destiny community for previous leaks who turned to be true.

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