Bungie Has Filed a Trademark for Matter

Bungie Has Filed a Trademark for Matter

A few months ago, game developer Bungie announced a partnership with NetEase in order to create a new intellectual property. Now, Bungie has filed a trademark in the EU for Matter. One thing to note about the Matter art is that it doesn’t appear to be a design that’s corresponding with any of Bungie’s IPs, so there’s a huge chance the trademark filing in the EU is in the first step in the development of the studio’s new game.

When Bungie announced its collaboration with NetEase, the developer said that Bungie aims to “become an entertainment company that sustains many worlds simultaneously”, with plans including the further growth of Destiny and “new worlds to come”.

“The filing can be found on the European Union Intellectual Property Office’s (EUIPO) website, with the graphic representation above. The application is still under examination, and we have no further information except that it was filed under the computer games and entertainment services categories (9 and 41, respectively).

This development comes almost four months after Bungie announced that it has entered into a partnership with Chinese company NetEase, which has pumped $100 million into the studio. As part of the deal, NetEase owns a minority stake in Bungie and a seat on its Board of Directors.

“Our long-term goal is to become an entertainment company that sustains many worlds simultaneously – Destiny and new worlds to come,” Bungie explained back in June. “We’re excited to announce that we’ve entered into a new partnership with NetEase to help us explore new directions. With their industry expertise, they’ll empower us to build new worlds and invite players, new and old, to join us there.”

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