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The Drifter from Destiny 2 reveals the enemies for a player's Gambit match
The Drifter from Destiny 2 reveals the enemies for a player's Gambit match

Destiny 3 – Things That We Know

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Destiny 3 – Things That We Know

Bungie’s second installment of its ambitious shared-world shooter has already been out since September 2017, and now the rumors are circling for the next evolution of Destiny. With three years lying between the first and second iterations of the game, fans have been speculating where Destiny 3 now lies in production and what direction the gameplay will follow. Bungie has made no official announcement regarding a sequel and have instead been focusing on releasing new DLC through the game’s annual pass. Now, supposed leaks should always be taken with a grain of salt, but details regarding Destiny 3 were shared by a prominent Destiny leaker known as AnonTheNine, and it seems the next installation will be up for quite a few changes if they are to be believed.

The Rumors

For those who have been spending their fair share of time playing the Forsaken content, it’s clear that Bungie has shifted their focus onto more hardcore players. Rumors surrounding Destiny 3 show that the new game will center heavily on RPG elements, which is likely to turn away the more casual crowd. Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait and see what this will actually look like. Compared to many RPGs, Destiny 2 lacks depth in terms of stats and abilities for a player’s character while still holding key elements found in these types of games. A more RPG-based Destiny could mean bigger skill trees for each subclass and greater differences between the three main classes. But again, this is all speculation.

One of the more interesting rumors revealed by AnonTheNine circles around Guardian’s potential ability to harness the powers of Darkness. Based off the final cutscene in the Destiny 2 base game, players are still waiting on answers about the Darkness and those strange, tetrahedral ships that have awoken on the edge of the galaxy. The Darkness attempts to reduce the universe into its simplest form and it actively tracks the Traveler throughout space. With the events of Destiny 2, it seems the Darkness has found their ancient enemy once again, and Guardian’s may soon be in direct contact with the Darkness for the first time.

Players who’ve taken part in Gambit matches will understand the unique challenges that come with a PvEvP game mode. For those a little less-versed in this style of play, it simply means that players must battle hordes of AI enemies while also fighting against opposing players. According to AnonTheNine, Destiny 3 will dive deeper into this concept with PvEvP zones, where players must claim territory against their opponents whilst simultaneously fighting off various enemies. What this will look like in-game will be fascinating to see, especially if it can be done across all the planets rather than in a single game mode like in Destiny 2.

Hunter prepares to attack the Hive in Destiny 2

Closing Thoughts

Unfortunately, there has been no word as of yet in regard to a release timeline. It seems likely that the new game in the series would coincide with the next generation of consoles. Taking advantage of better tech across all platforms makes sense for a game that continues to improve overtime. With both the PS5 and Xbox 2 expected to arrive around 2020, the timelines add up. Either way, it’s been said that Chris Barrett will be directing Destiny 3 while Destiny 2 game director Luke Smith will be playing a big role in its development. With these two long-term Bungie employees on board, only time will tell us what’s in store for Destiny fans.

Without any confirmation from Bungie and no official release date, nothing is set in stone just yet. AnonTheNine may have released accurate details when it came to Forsaken, but with Destiny 3 likely being early in development, many changes can occur by the time the game reaches its audience. In the meantime, players can make the most of the annual pass in Destiny 2, and discover new weapons during the Season of the Forge.

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