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Characters from Super Smash Brothers
Characters from Super Smash Brothers

The Primal Podcast #13 – Banjo in Smash, Destiny 3 in Dev, Game Pass on PC and More

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Banjo-Kazooie Coming To Smash, Destiny 3 in Development and More – The Primal Podcast #13

Join us on The Primal Podcast #13 where we discuss the possibilities of Banjo Kazooie finally appearing in Super Smash Brothers Ultimate. Thanks to the recent leaks and trademark renewals the dream is becoming a reality than ever before. Does this also mean that Microsoft is testing the water for a potential future Banjo title or remake or is Nintendo and Microsoft entering some sort of partnership? We go in deep discussion what this can mean for the fans of Banjo Kazooie, Nintendo, Rare and of course Microsoft.

Microsoft’s Game Pass is also coming to pc and we discuss what that means for PC gamers and for the future of Xbox and how pro-consumer this can be compared to other platforms and where PC gaming could be headed.

Destiny 3 also appears to be in development and we go deeply into the discussion of what Bungie needs to do in order to make their business model successful and how they can keep the interest of their fans and future audiences. The game is apparently going to have strong MMORPG elements, we go in a deep discussion of how Destiny 3 can be improved as far as content goes and the actual gameplay grinding loop that the franchise has always been having issues with.

Shawn Layden announced earlier in the week that the first trailer for the PlayStation 1 remake of MediEvil is going to be showcased to the public on October 31st, 2018 which is right on time for Halloween. We discuss how popular recent remakes have been such as Crash Bandicoot ‘Sane Trilogy and the upcoming Spyro remake that’s coming out next month.

Capcom twitted out that Resident Evil 0, Resident Evil 1 and Resident Evil 4 are all coming to the Nintendo Switch sometimes in 2019. The Nintendo Switch keeps getting awesome 3rd party support of great games on the go and it’s also safe to say that at this point Capcom has been killing it this generation as well.

Hope you all enjoyed listening to The Primal Podcast #13 and we shall see you next week for The Primal Podcast #14. Stay tuned to Gaming Instincts for latest video game coverage, previews, reviews, features, guides and more.


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