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God Of War Designer Explains Why Xbox Has The Best Console

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Twisted Metal and God of War Director, David Jaffe has explained in his recent YouTube video why he likes the Xbox Series X|S over the PlayStation 5.

Starting as a video game tester in the NES era, the experienced veteran has worked in the industry for the better part of his career developing games for PlayStation. His fanatism for the Japanese console did not influence his analysis and he offers his reasons on why he liked better the design of Phil Spencer and its team.

David Jaffe affirms that he made an “easy choice” as the Xbox Series X|S is not only faster than its competitor, but also has several technologies that set the two consoles apart from each other. Jaffe mentions Quick Resume as one of his favorite technologies of the next-gen console.

Quick Resume is available on Xbox thanks to the innovative Xbox Velocity Architecture in Xbox Series X|S. The feature enables players to seamlessly switch between multiple titles. But that’s not all that is accomplished with the new hardware.

The Xbox Velocity Architecture, boasted by the NVMe SSD, a dedicated hardware decompression block, the all-new DirectStorage API, and Sampler Feedback Streaming (SFS). Allows developers to radically improve asset streaming and effectively multiply available memory. David Jaffe thinks that it’s because of this new technology that Xbox Game Studio developers can create richer and more dynamic living worlds.

Mark Cerny’s SSD impressed Phil Spencer, however, the Xbox team was not worried about the fastest storage of the Sony PlayStation, the sampler feedback streaming of Series X|S allows games to load into memory, with fine granularity, only the portions of textures that the GPU needs for a scene, as it needs it.

Phil Spencer also affirmed that he felt even better about the choices we made on our platform and I kind of expected that I would.”

Source: Gabbin Games

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