Xbox is Not Worried
Xbox is Not Worried

Xbox is Not Worried About PlayStation 5’s SSD Suggest Bill Stillwell

According to the declarations of Xbox’s Bill Stillwell, head of Microsoft’s Mixed Reality Partner Program, the team at Xbox is not worried about PlayStation 5’s SSD. He is confident that there are several “tricks and techniques” can be used for Xbox in order to feature compatibility with PlayStation games.

So the ability of a game developer to look and say, ‘Ok, I am building this game and I wanna have seamless transition with no loading screens on [PS5], but I am also gonna wanna sell on Xbox, what am I gonna do to manage that kinda thing?’

Like, that will be the tricks and the techniques, so – I am just making this up – maybe there are elevators in the Xbox Series X version and not on the [PS5] version. I don’t know yet how they’re gonna address it, but they’ll learn to address it and they will figure out ways to work around it.

Phil Spencer has also stated that while the PlayStation 5’s SSD is an “impresive” piece of technology, he is confident that Xbox Series X is in fact, the most capable console for the entry of next gen gaming.

“I think Mark and the team did some really good work on the audio processing that they’ve talked about,” he added. “Their SSD technology is impressive – we like that and we saw the work that they did.

“The planning takes a long time and so I will definitely have respect for any platform team that’s launching… it just takes a lot of work. But I will say when we finally saw the public disclosure, I felt even better about the choices we made on our platform and I kind of expected that I would.”

Sony and Xbox has decided for very different paths, the Japanese console is aimed at developers, Mark Cerny, and the executives at Sony decided that if developers are given a very approachable platform for their creations, those will excel at what the competition offers.

Xbox decided to give fans what they want, the most powerful hardware. Ali Salehi, a rendering engineer from Crytek, had a polemic interview now deleted, in that interview he affirms that PlayStation 5 will actually be the better console, he explains that games programmed for Xbox Series X developers will face, in order to reach the console’s full potential.

Source: Iron Lords Podcast

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