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Phil Spencer photo
Phil Spencer photo

What Phil Spencer Likes About the PlayStation 5

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Phil Spencer revealed what he likes about the PlayStation 5 in an interview conducted back at E3 2019 by PC Games Hardware.

While the interview itself is old news, the statement Phil Spencer made regarding the Xbox family’s most prominent competitor was largely overlooked by both the industry and community.

During the interview, Spencer commented thusly: “I like that Mark Cerny and his team at Sony are also investing in an SSD for the PlayStation 5, the engines and tools can implement corresponding functions. Together we will ensure a larger installed base—and developers will do everything possible to master and support the programming of these hardware capabilities.”

While the competition between Microsoft and Sony in the console market harkens all the way back to the first Xbox’s debut in 2001, competitors offering encouragement to their opponents is an interesting idea that will cause both parties to work harder to deliver quality products. This competition could strengthen the gaming industry as a whole, as well as drive fans to become more committed to their chosen device(s).

As for the implication of Spencer’s comment, it could leave one to assume that SSDs will become a base requirement for users to play their games on any device (PC or console). SSDs will give developers the incentive to implement more powerful features and technology in their games, able to utilize the speed with which SSDs load their games, and players will benefit from shorter loading times and enhanced overall output.

Spencer’s comment does not mean Xbox Game Studios is backing down from the behemoth that is the Sony PlayStation, but it does lend credence to the notion that both companies are thinking along the same lines to provide higher quality content to their fans.

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