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Xbox Spencer
Xbox Spencer

Xbox Boss Phil Spencer Talks About PS5’s Hardware

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During IGN’s latest episode of Xbox show Podcast Unlocked Xbox’s boss Phil Spencer, shared his opinion about the PS5′ hardware. Mark Cerny’s technical reveal was interesting, to say the least, some fans were disappointed about Sony not revealing the design of the console. Spencer has taken the opportunity to hit Sony again by stating that after seeing PS5’s specs, he feels “even better” about Xbox Series X.

“I think Mark and the team did some really good work on the audio processing that they’ve talked about,” he added. “Their SSD technology is impressive – we like that and we saw the work that they did.

“The planning takes a long time and so I will definitely have respect for any platform team that’s launching… it just takes a lot of work. But I will say when we finally saw the public disclosure, I felt even better about the choices we made on our platform and I kind of expected that I would.”

Sony has opted to reveal the technical data ahead of the console unveil. On the other side Xbox first revealed the box, and then, revealed the technical specifications. It’s evident that Microsoft is more confident about their console than Sony is with theirs. All the secrecy behind the PS5 was thought to be the case of the rising cost of flash memory, something that would surely have a greater impact at Sony due to their high tech NVMe SSD. Speculation about Sony waiting for Xbox to set the price of the Xbox Series X might be the actual reason why PS5 is always a step behind Microsoft in the announcements.

In the same episode of the podcast, Spencer also revealed that Microsoft do not have a plan B ahead of the risk of Coronavirus affecting the launch of Xbox Series X. Microsoft will do everything in their hands to offer players a next-gen Xbox this year.

Contradicting Spencer, DFC Intelligence has analyzed the current status of the next generation of consoles from Sony and Microsoft, the intelligence firm is predicting that PS5 and Xbox Series X will suffer from Coronavirus and a 2020 release won’t happen. DFC Intelligence forecasts that some consoles might launch but with a higher retail price.

Source: IGN.
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