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Ancient Gods Part Two
Ancient Gods Part Two

Doom Eternal The Ancient Gods Part Two Arrives Tomorrow

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Doom Eternal will receive its final DLC Ancient Gods Part Two tomorrow bringing the campaign to an end.

The Ancient Gods Part Two DLC will also add a closure to the Doom Slayer’s story told in the 2016’s reboot. A newly released trailer the Doom Slayer’s journey will come to an end in a epic showdown.

You denied the gods and awoke an ancient evil. Now rally the scattered Sentinel armies, lay siege to the last bastion of Hell, break through the fortress walls, and face the Dark Lord himself. The soul of the universe hangs in the balance. Your war against Hell ends here.

Players will face new enemies including the Cursed Prowler, Stone imp, and the Armoured Baron, the Doom Slayer will also receive a new weapon called the Sentinel Hammer.

The Ancient Gods DLC added a new campaign for the critically acclaimed Doom Eternal. Following the annihilation of Khan Maykr the legions of Hell have razed the heavens, threatening to expand their control across dimensions.

Doom Eternal’s Ancient Gods Part Two DLC will be available on Xbox, PlayStation, Stadia, and PC tomorrow, 18th March. The DLC can be bought as a standalone purchase or as part of the Year One Pass, which is included in the game’s Deluxe Edition.

Doom Eternal is now available on Nintendo Switch and Xbox Game Pass. The game is also available on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and next-gen consoles via backward compatibility.

Developed by id Software, Doom Eternal is the direct sequel to Doom, winner of The Game Awards’ Best Action Game of 2016. The game is built by idTech 7 and set to an all-new pulse-pounding soundtrack composed by Mick Gordon.

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