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DOOM Eternal Release For Nintendo Switch Dec 8
DOOM Eternal Release For Nintendo Switch Dec 8

DOOM Eternal Releases For Nintendo Switch Dec 8

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DOOM Eternal is coming to the Nintendo Switch on December 8, 2020. 

Publisher Bethesda Softworks announced today, via a release trailer, that the second iteration in the rebooted franchise will be coming to the Nintendo Switch in early December. DOOM Eternal came out earlier this year to general praise for its ability to build on what 2016’s DOOM was able to do so well. 

Maintaining a constant flow is core to the addicting, central game loop of getting enemies low and closing the gap to land a finisher that replenishes health and ammo, keeping the player constantly moving. The ideas that made the original so addicting, DOOM Eternal expands on and enhances.

2016’s DOOM had a delayed release as well, coming out November 2017 where the reboot originally came to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in May 2016, so this release shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. If the Switch is able to capably run the game, the gameplay should lend to the pick-up-and-go style of games that Nintendo wants for its console. The Switch’s appeal is its ability to play it on the train, airplane, or rooftop garden party while waiting for something purposeful to do. DOOM Eternal and its predecessor play to the Switch’s strengths, in that regard. Clearing a room in the higher difficulties becomes so difficult that it’s best to be played in short bursts to keep those APMs up.  The reboot series is great for picking up and doing a room or two at a time, perfect for playing on a lunch break.

DOOM Eternal comes to Nintendo Switch December 8, 2020.

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