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id Tech Engine
id Tech Engine

id Tech Engine Could Be Used in New Xbox Games

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During last night’s roundtable to discuss the Bethesda acquisition, Phil Spencer affirmed that id Tech Engine used in Doom and Doom Eternal could be used in several new Xbox Game Studios projects.

“There’s no studio that sweats every pixel on screen – and every frame – the way id Software does,” said Phil Spencer.

id Tech 7 Engine is capable of delivering an increase in geometric detail without drops in frame-rate vs. id Tech 6 and comparable engines. On PC, id Tech 7 supports Vulkan rendering only.

“And then when you think about their capability, and I think about them collaborating and working and talking with [Gears studio] The Coalition, [Halo studio] 343 [Industries], and just the first-person/third-person shooter space that we have, the studios that are there, it’s just kind of an amazing capability.”

Phil Spencer also announced that the id Tech is getting the support of Xbox and the whole team at Xbox Game Studios will unlock the full potential of the engine.

“Obviously, you know, we’ve got a tonne of studios doing a bunch of different work. I love the way Marty [Stratton, studio director] talked about how they’ve collaborated with other Bethesda studios on id Tech,” Spencer went on.

“And I just think about [taking] that to the next level. What can we do inside of our organization with id Tech, which is one of the world’s best game engines out there, and just make it a tool that so many developers can use to realize their vision.”

Phil Spencer also confirmed that Xbox is planning a summer showcase full of surprises and game announcements. The showcase is expected to be aired in June, however, it’s not confirmed that Xbox will participate in this year’s E3 2021. Xbox and Bethesda may have separate showcase events like the recently announced PlayStation Present and Square Enix Presents.

Source: VG247

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