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Call of Duty 2020
Call of Duty 2020

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War To be Revealed in the Gulag Area – Rumor

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Twitter account dedicated to Call of Duty leaks and news suggest that the mysterious crate that potentially contains the Call of Duty 2020 announcements is located in the Gulag area of Warzone.

Note that Zeus is the alleged name for the Call of Duty 2020, a project that is also rumored to be Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War.

Activision recently teased the potential reveal of a new Call of Duty game, a mysterious crate was shared with several news outlets,
an eight-digit number suggests the coordinates in which players can find and open the crate where fans are hoping to find the announcement of the rumored Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. The crate will be opened next Monday, August 10 at noon ET.

During the recent Q2 earnings call, Activision Blizzard explains that due to Call of Duty: Warzone ‘s success the publisher has changed the marketing team’s strategy. The next Call Of Duty could be announced and revealed in Warzone as suggested by Activision Publishing president Rob Kotisch. However, there is no official information from Activision about the alleged Call of Duty 2020, and Kotish also suggests that Warzone has given credits to the development team to extend the project of the new game. Activision now has a larger audience and more economical resources for a more ambitious next-gen project.

Of course, like every leak before it, this should be taken with a grain of salt. Not only is nothing here official, but it’s also completely subject to change. And while the sources in question have proven reliable in the past, leaking is a tricky business that includes sometimes getting the finer details wrong.

Disclaimer – This information has not been verified, therefore this is not factual.

In late May, reports of an allegedly COD 2020, a Twitter user who goes by the name Okami, uploaded a picture of Black Ops art with the Cold War below the title. Based on the leak, the game will be titled COD: Black Ops Cold War. The game is expected to span over the years of both the Vietnam and Korean war.

Source: ComicBook

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