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Rumor: Black Ops Reboot Set as Call of Duty 2020

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A new rumor has surfaced for the Call of duty franchise pointing towards what next year’s release in the annual series could be. The rumor suggests that Treyarch Studios will bring back the Black Ops series yet again, but this time rebooting the series similar to how Modern Warfare is being rebooted this year.

The rumor is coming from known leaker LongSensation as they reveal that next year’s title is currently going under two different names: Black Ops and Black Ops V. the rumor goes on to details that the new title will start off during the Cold War and take place across over 40 years. Players will experience both the Vietnam and Korean War, as well.

It’s also reported that the new game will be even darker and more brutal than the upcoming Modern Warfare title.
Being a rumor from an unofficial source, this particular leaker has been accurate before – so it’s not entirely far-fetched. Even still, take this bit of information lightly as we’ve yet to hear anything on these details, and likely won’t until next year.

It’s a bit odd hearing about the next Call of Duty title before the next one is still a couple months away form release. But given that the popular FPS series has a release every year, it’s not anything extremely out of the ordinary.

In other news, we also received a recent rumor from the same source suggesting a free-to-play battle royale mode hitting this year’s Modern Warfare title sometime after the initial launch of the game. Stay tuned for more details on this rumor, even though – if true – probably won’t be for quite some time.

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