Call of Duty: Warzone released recently, despite some bugs, the free battle royale game has managed to lure in 15 million players as of March 13.  The new game mode had already reached 6 million of players in its first 24 hours. Warzone shows no signs of stopping and Activision will do everything in their hands to dethrone Fortnite as the most successful battle royale game.

Certainly, Warzone appeals to a more mature audience, with more emphasis on players collaboration where tactics play a big role, this adds up to the competitive nature of the genre. Warzone also adds a new mechanic to the mix, The Gulag zone. After getting eliminated, the player will be sent into the Gulag as a Prisoner of Warzone. In the Gulag, players will have to face-off against a single opponent, the winner will be sent back to the Verdansk.

Verdansk, is the city where the war takes place, the city counts with multiple named zones and well over 300 points of interest. Each zone features distinct landmarks like the Gorengard Lumber Yard or the Gora Dam; the zones take place across different environment types like cities and rural areas for unique engagements. Check our Top 5 best drop zones for a tactical advantage.

Winning that 1vs1 fight it’s not the only way to get out of the Gulag, the teammates of the fallen player can complete Contracts in order to bring an eliminated player back to action. This Contracts are tasks to be completed across Verdansk, only one Contract can be activated at a time, completing them will reward the team in-match Cash and items.

A variation of the battle royale genre is also offered at Warzone. Plunder is a race to collect to loot cash, players will need to kill other players in order to steal their cash, and complete in-match contracts.