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Apex Legends Adds Solos, Black Ops Reboot Rumor + More – Primal Newscast #17

Welcome to The Primal Newscast where Gaming Instincts goes over the hottest and most interesting news of the week that took place in the gaming industry.


Granblue Fantasy: Versus Receives Japan Release Date

Arc System Works’ upcoming CyGames fighter, Granblue Fantasy: Versus, officially received its release date earlier this week. Though, the release date of February 6, 2020 only pertains to the Japanese region of the game, a western version – published by XSeed in North America and Marvelous in Europe – is still planned and should be announced relatively soon. The latest trailer also gives fans a look at the all new RPG mode which allows players to experience the game’s story as a 2D side-scrolling action-RPG. Granblue Fantasy: Versus is set to release on the PS4.

New Guilty Gear Announced

During this year’s Evo Tournament, Arc System Works announced a brand new title in their coveted original series, Guilty Gear. While there’s no official details released for the new game, fans did get a small taste with the announcement trailer. Not only do we get a look at some of the striking visuals but also some revealing gameplay for the newly announced game. As for now, there’s no official title for the new Guilty Gear game along with an absence of which platforms the game will release on. However, we are expecting the game to release in 2020, so stay tuned for more details as they’re released.

The King of Fighter XV Announced

SNK is returning one of their most iconic fighting series to date with the recent announcement of The King of Fighters XV. The King of Fighters XIV released only a short three years ago but SNK seems determined to continue to push the series further with every release. While the short announcement teaser only gave us confirmation that the new title is indeed in development, stay tuned for more details on the game once they’re released.

Apex Legends Adding Solo Mode

Respawn Entertainment announced a new mode hitting Apex Legends as a Limited-Time event during next weeks Iron Crown Collection update. The new mode is none other than Solo mode for the battle royale game which will give solo players the opportunity to taking on a true every man for themselves experience for the first time since the release of the free-to-play title. Solo mode will hit Apex Legends on August 13 and will last until August 27.

Pysonix Ditching Randomized Loot Crates in Rocket League

Psyonix made an exciting announcement regarding their in-game loot box feature in Rocket League noting that the developers will soon remove the randomized aspect of the feature in favor of a new system. Psyonix explained that the new changes will include “a system that shows the exact items you’re buying in advance.” While DLC cars, eSports items and Premium Rocket Pass will still be available as extra purchases, it will be interesting to see what changes occur once the update hits. As for now, there’s no current timeline on when we can expect to see the new system take place. Stay tuned.

ESA Reveals New Loot Box Standards for Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft

A recent statement from the ESA earlier this week reveals that the video game industry leaders – Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo – are working on implementing a new standard in the way of loot box management. The console manufacturers announced that developers who feature loot boxes in their future games must disclose the probability of obtaining each item in a loot box in order for consumers to better determine which item they may receive. There’s no official release date for when this new requirement will be implemented into the industry, but is expected to hit sometime in 2020.

Rumor: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Adding Battle Royale, Call of Duty 2020 Title Black Ops Reboot

Two new rumors have surfaced from well-known leaker LongSensation regarding both the upcoming Call of Duty: Modern Warfare title, and next year’s anticipated release in the series. The rumor suggests that a free-to-play battle royale mode will hit this year’s Modern Warfare sometime after launch, most likely early 2020. The second rumor suggests that next year’s Call of Duty 2020 title will be a Black Ops reboot developed by Treyarch Studios focused around the Cold War and spanning over 40 years through the Vietnam and Korean wars. Both of these are merely rumors for now without any official confirmation, so take them with a massive grain of salt until further notice.

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