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Sol Badguy and Ky fighting.
Sol Badguy and Ky fighting.

Arc System Works Announces New Guilty Gear Title

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During this year’s Evo 2019 Tournament, fighting game veteran developer Arc System Works announced a brand new Guilty Gear title. The announcement with a new striking teaser trailer which is sure to send chills of excitement down the spine of any fan of the series.

Check out the new teaser announcement trailer below:

Arc System has been incredibly busy lately with new releases and updates to already existing games. Kill La Kill: The Game recently released at the end of July while Dragon Ball FighterZ is finishing up its second season pass with new character roster reveals and releases. They’re also gearing up to release CyGames’ Granblue Fantasy: Versus title next year and announced a partnership with WayForward Games with a new River City Girls title.

There’s been no finer details regarding the new Guilty Gear title other than it’s expected to release next year. The official title and platforms it will release on have yet to be shared.

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