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Rocket League Weeding Out Randomized Loot Boxes

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Developer of the highly popular Rocket League title, Psyonix, has announced that there are plans to rid the game of the randomized loot box feature. The feature allowed players to open up what’s referred to as “Crates” which offer up cosmetic skins, cars, toppers, and other items at random.

Commonly seen today as a form of gambling, Psyonix revealed that they would be removing all randomized crates and replacing them “with a system that shows the exact items you’re buying in advance.”

The announcement post also references Epic Games’ Fortnite Save the World mode which also recently implemented changes along these same lines. With Epic Games buying Psyonix earlier this year, it appears as though this may be one of the changes being made by Epic.

There’s no timeline as to when Rocket League players will see these changes take action, but the developers have iterated that players will still be able to purchase Rocket Pass Premium, DLC cars and eSports items alongside the new system.

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