Respawn Entertainment has announced that a band new Solo mode will be hitting their battle royale titan, Apex Legends. The free-to-play title has only focused on providing team-based gameplay with three-man squads battle royale, with the new limited-time solo mode being the first time players will experience the game as a lone wolf.

The new solo endeavor will release as apart of the Iron Crown Collection event which will hit the game next week. While the solo mode will only hit the game as a limited-time event, it wouldn’t be surprising if Respawn kept the new mode permanently in the future if it performs well during the Iron Crown event.

Many fans of the battle royale genre have been hoping for a solo experience since not everyone enjoys teaming up with strangers when playing solo. However, the game made strides upon release due to various team oriented mechanics, such as the useful Ping system and the various character abilities that play off each other during matches.

The new Iron Crown Collection event will land with the Solo mode next week, starting on August 13, 2019 lasting until August 27, 2019. You can pick up Apex Legends for free on the PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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