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Anthem Pre-Order Guide.
Anthem Pre-Order Guide.

Anthem Pre-Order Guide

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Anthem Pre-Order Guide

Hey everybody, today we’re going to be walking you through a quick guide on how all of the pre-order bonuses work for Anthem and where you can access which benefits. There’s also a disclaimer at the end about whether or not you should pre-order, and this guide aims to be as clear as possible that pre-ordering Anthem isn’t necessary, but does offer some really cool perks. Let’s get into the different options.

Standard Edition

Pre-ordering the standard edition of Anthem comes with the main game, the Legion of Dawn armour pack for the Ranger, and a Weapon (details unknown). Pre-orders will have access to the VIP Demo on January (25 – 27th), and so will be able to play the demo version of Anthem before anyone else. Players will also unlock a Founders Player Banner, marking you as one of the first players of the Anthem.

Note that access to the VIP demo is subject to a code, so you may need to ensure you get one from your retailer, and don’t forget to redeem it online.

Anthem's Legion of Dawn sets.

Legion of Dawn Edition

The Legion of Dawn Edition comes complete with all the cosmetic components to make each of the four Javelins into their Legion of Dawn counterparts. These pieces have no competitive value, they simply look stunning. This is the only way to access these armor sets for the other three Javelins.

This version of the game also comes with an exclusive weapon, the Light of the Legion, but we do not know if it’s a single weapon or a blueprint to build one yourself. It also contains a Legendary Ranger ‘Gear Attachment’, but details about it are currently unknown. There has been a lot of discussion about purchasing ‘power’ in Anthem, and the Devs have noted that these weapons won’t be stronger than others you can find normally in the game, they just look sweet.

The Legion of Dawn Edition also comes with the Digital Soundtrack included, which is always a really nice bonus, and everything we’ve heard from it so far sounds awesome.

Legion of Dawn is a significantly pricier version of the game, but probably worth it if you really want those skins. It’s not the only way to get them, however.

Anthem's Javelins in flight.

Origin Access Premier

Note that Origin Premier Access, the subscription service, will also have full access to all of the above bonuses, including everything in the Legion of Dawn complete set and access to the early VIP Demos. This makes it an extremely safe way to pre-order the game, as the monthly subscription can be cancelled anytime, plus it gives you access to an enormous amount (over 100 PC Games) of other content on Origin’s game service.

For some PC players, this may be the best option, but of course, make sure to be careful as always with subscription services. Unfortunately, this option will be for those able to play the game on PC only, as that is how Origin Access Premier is used.

Anthem's Pre Order Bonuses Table.


Okay, so firstly, everybody will be able to play the ‘Open Demo’ on Feb 1-3rd, so everyone will get a chance to test the game out for free before it launches. This is being marketed as a ‘demo’ specifically, not a beta-test or anything silly, and is quite openly just a way for people to see if they like the game. It even still gives you enough time to pre-order the game afterwards for the bonuses, if you’re currently on the fence about Anthem.

As always, it should be noted that pre-ordering can be a dangerous game. Despite a lot of signs pointing towards Anthem being a really amazing game, I’d always advise being careful and making sure you do your research (you’ve done a lot already by being here). Anthem could turn out to be a disaster at launch, and we won’t know for certain until it releases. I’ve already pre-ordered Anthem, for example, because I know I’m going to be covering it nonetheless here on Gaming Instincts. But, normally I wouldn’t advise pre-ordering a game unless you’re really sure you’re going to get your money’s worth in content and enjoyment.

However, for anyone on the fence about Anthem, waiting until the Open Demo might be the best option, or even for the full launch for a complete review-base to decide with. Consider your options using this guide, and decide if the pre-order bonuses are worth it for you. At the end of the day, nobody should be telling anyone to definitely pre-order or not. This guide simply serves as a community resource to help people decide what the best option is.

I will say, as a final note, that the Anthem developers have been extremely open and honest thus far, and it seems like their pre-order scheme offers some really cool, but also fair, rewards. These rewards aren’t necessary by any stretch, and will certainly give no competitive edge in the long run. But for those looking to show their support from the start, it serves as a cool nod to those Freelancers who were there from the very beginning.

That’s it for today, everyone, and thanks so much for stopping by. I hope the guide helps you to make the tough decision to pre-order or not. Don’t forget that I’ll be covering Anthem content every week up until the launch of the game and onwards, so make sure to Subscribe to the Youtube channel to see more and more content coming up. I’m Jake ‘FaultyOptics’ Logan, thanks for reading, and I’ll see you next time for more gaming guides and news.


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