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Xbox: There Won’t Be New Acquisition News at Tokyo Game Show

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Xbox has dismissed the rumors of a potential new acquisition being announced at the Tokyo Game Show. Check the official statement down below:

Earlier this week Microsoft announced the acquisition of Zenimax Media, the parent company of Bethesda and id Software- PlayStation fans expected that Sony answered Xbox with the acquisition of Konami and the announcement of a remake of Metal Gear Solid, or Silent Hill.

Is important to mention that Sony has not expressed its desire to acquire a large company like Konami, Sega, or Bandai Namco, Sony Interactive Entertainment has recently established a new brand, PlayStation Studios, a team of experienced developers that are tasked to create unique experiences for PlayStation 5, so far, Sony seems to be confident about its first-party teams, is very unlikely that Sony will make a huge investment only to acquire some franchises.

Fans of Xbox speculated on a probable acquisition of a Japanese video-games company, SEGA is a logical choice as the publisher tends to work closely with Xbox. However, Xbox’s attendance on the Tokyo Game Show is probably just part of the Xbox Series X marketing strategy ahead of the console’s release in Asia, a market in which Xbox has not managed to get out of the third place.

Is also important to mention that the acquisition of Zenimax Media is a 7.5 billion dollar deal, a massive investment that may need to be profitable first in order to allow Xbox and Phil Spencer to justify the acquisition of more independent studios.

Xbox Game Studios’ vision is to release a new game every three months, this has been affirmed by Phil Spencer who argued about the need of strengthening Xbox’s first-party development studios. PlayStation seems to be aiming at AAA projects exclusives for PlayStation 5, a strategy that seems to favor bigger projects like Gran Turismo 7, The Last of Us Part II, or God of War.

Sony Interactive Entertainment is also hoping that first-party developers manage to produce games unique for PS5, Mark Cerny complied with the developer’s request of having an SSD capable of texture streaming. This feature will allow PlayStation Studios to create unique experiences on PlayStation. Those unique experiences have been hinted at the technical showcase of Unreal Engine V, with the PS5’s demo Lumen in the Land of Nanite, a demo that according to Epic Games will not run on Xbox Series X as it was not designed to support Xbox’s hardware.

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