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Unreal Engine V Demo Does Not Run on Xbox Series X Says Epic Games

According to a new report from Kotaku, the Unreal Engine V demo, Lumen in the Land of Nanite, does not run on a Xbox Series X. The outlet inquired Epic Games for more information about the tech demo, what they wanted to know if Epic tailored the demo to the slightly different PlayStation 5 hardware. Epic Games explains that Xbox Series X is not supported for the demo as it wasn’t the target platform for developers.

“The demo we revealed [on Wednesday] is running on PS5 because that’s been our target platform for this particular experience,” a spokesperson for Epic told Kotaku in an email yesterday. “UE5, with core technologies like Niagara VFX and Chaos physics and destruction—and the newly revealed Nanite virtualized geometry and Lumen dynamic global illumination—is also targeting Xbox Series X.”

While  Unreal Engine V is confirmed to be coming for Xbox Series X, Epic Games does not disclose any more details of the real reason why Lumen in the Land of Nanite does not runs on Xbox. This might suggest a significant incompatibility between systems who shares a similar architecture, or perhaps is just a schedule issue. However, Kotaku claims that the only response they managed to get when the outlet asked for more information was “We aren’t running it on XBSX.”


Xbox’s response to the showcase of the PS5 gameplay was quick, via Twitter Phil Spencer said: “Incredible work by the team at Epic, many of our XGS studios are using Unreal, like the team at Ninja Theory creating Hellblade II, and are excited to bring these UE5 innovations to life on Xbox Series X.” Aaron Greenberg, General Manager at Marketing allowed himself to brag about the Xbox’s most powerful hardware “Super impressive and can only imagine what the new Unreal 5 Engine will look like on the world’s most powerful console”.

Certainly, Xbox lost the first battle at the next-gen war, the company lost a golden chance to display what the Xbox Series X is capable, and made an embarrassing reveal of “Xbox Series X gameplay” a few days before the PS5 real gameplay showcase.

Source: Kotaku

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