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Xbox Series S
Xbox Series S

Xbox Series S Confirmed by Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

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Xbox Series S has been listed on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, Xbox’s secret console is once again confirmed, but Phil Spencer is still quiet about it.

Disclaimer – This information has not been verified, therefore this is not factual.

I got a new controller for my Xbox since mine was broken. Interestingly enough, the Game Pass Ultimate trial code sheet mentions the unannounced @Xbox Series S. It’s definitely a thing. @BraviaryBrendan

Xbox has designed Xbox Series X as the most powerful next-gen console but has also designed Xbox Series S, the entry-level, next-gen console.

Details from several informants suggest that Series S will feature the same AMD’s Zen 2 processor of Series X and will also boast GDDR6RAM, the main difference lies in the GPU. Designed to be able to handle 1440p next-gen games, the Navi RDNA 2.0 GPU is said to deliver 4 TFLOPs. Games will be upscaled with checkerboard rendering and the console will be able to display games on 4K resolutions.


Is uncertain if Xbox’s marketing team is that disorganized if COVID-19 has delayed the Xbox Series S and will not release in 2021, or if Phil Spencer is building hype for the modest console. A few weeks ago the packaging of the Xbox Series X controller confirmed the existence of the Series S. Microsoft’s June 2020 Games Development Kit also confirmed the Series S. Hesitation to officially announce Series S might also point at a 2021 launch date.

What is certain is that Microsoft, who is now a veteran in the video-games industry has designed the perfect strategy to beat PlayStation on America and Asia. Now that the console has been unofficially confirmed, and the alleged hardware specifications had been leaked, the debate is open, Series S, is it necessary? Will the console arrive at a price so cheap that will allow Microsoft to win the console war? Check our analysis on this video down below:

Source: VG247

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