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PlayStation 5
PlayStation 5

PlayStation 5 Is the Better Console Says Engineer

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In a recent interview, Ali Salehi, a rendering engineer from Crytek, revealed some of the challenges that Xbox Series X developers will face, in order to reach the console’s full potential. Salehi explains that theoretically speaking, Xbox Series X looks as the best console for the next generation, but in reality, PlayStation 5 will allow developers to program games at ease, this would allow studios to take the best out of the hardware and close the gap of both consoles.

Update: The interview has been pulled out of Vigiatio, according to GameRadar, Salehi has retracted his claims about the PS5, the Twitter user Man4Dead’s Twitter account has also been deleted.

Salehi claims that, “developers are saying that PS5 is the easiest console they have ever coded on to reach its peak performance“. Certainly, Sony has managed to develop a console mainly thought for developers, Mark Cerny explained that, the design of the new console has managed to, reduce the time that developers will have to spent learning how to code.

Salehi says that Xbox Series X is making the same mistake they did with the current gen Xbox, two sets of RAM, one with high bandwidth and the other significantly slower, this would present a big inconvenience for developers. Xbox Series X has 56 CUs, 4 reserved and 52 available to developers, PlayStation 5 on the other hand counts with 36 CUs, in paper the Xbox Series X is most powerful, but the engineer points at the difference between power and capability.

“The main difference is that CUs frequencies in PS5 is a lot more, and work at higher frequencies, Therefore, despite the huge Therefore, despite the huge difference in CU count, They don’t have that much of Tflops difference.

Raising the clock speed has some benefits like in memory, rasterizer, and every other part of the GPU that its efficiency depends on clock speed, things that’s not related to CU count or Tflops, will work faster too. So the remaining parts of the GPU will work better “.

Salehi suggest that Xbox Series X will reach it’s 12 TFLOPs at ideal conditions, it seems like Xbox’s hardware be the main antagonist of the console. Adding more comparisons between companies, it was also mentioned that Sony has developed a software specifically for the purpose of PS5 and it’s games. Xbox Series X has to work with the PC architecture, something that might be another hassle for reaching the promised 12 TFLOPs.

While it’s possible that Xbox Series X might have a slow start, it is important to mention that Xbox Game Studios counts with a vast repertory of talented developers. Xbox is pulling every trick in the book to get ahead of the PlayStation, but if Salehi is right, they might just have shot themselves in the foot before the race started.

Credits to Man4Dead for the translation of the interview.

Source: wccftech

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