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Series X
Series X

Valve’s President Affirms Xbox Series X is Better Than PS5

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According to Gabe Newell, President of Valve, Xbox Series X is better than PS5 “just cos it is”, this is a very intriguing commentary from the magnate as he doesn’t like to discuss much about consoles. Newell’s opinion has opened the debate of whether if he is pledging his support for Xbox, and Microsoft’s console will see some Valve’s next-gen games, or if it was just a quick answer for a question that he wasn’t prepared for.

Check how Newell said his opinion down below:

Certainly, he doesn’t seem to think that PlayStation has a chance against the Xbox, maybe he is thinking about the retail price, or perhaps he is underestimating how developers can take advantage of the PS5’s SSD. Newell affirms that Valve is just interested in PCs.

As pointed by TSA, Newell was confident that Steam Machines were going to disrupt the console market:

“Our perception is that customers are always going to make the best choices for what they want. We can knock down the barriers that keep PC gaming out of the living room, and then customers can decide what they want,” he said in 2015.

Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 are similar consoles in terms of hardware performance, both are built with AMD’s Zen 2 architecture, however, there is a clear difference in the strategy from Microsoft. Xbox asked AMD to maximize the performance of the hardware and designed the box for optimal cooling efficiency at the expense of a weird PC-like design. PlayStation opted for hardware that takes the NVME SSDs as the main hardware feature.

Basically, Xbox wants its buyers to be confident that they got the most powerful console for next-generation gaming. PlayStation, on the other hand, opted to please game developers, who in the long run will have a much easier job to take the full potential of the PlayStation 5.

Xbox’s Bill Stillwell, head of Microsoft’s Mixed Reality Partner Program, the team at Xbox is not worried about PlayStation 5’s SSD. He is confident that there are several “tricks and techniques” that can be used for Xbox in order to feature compatibility with PlayStation games.

According to Jason Schreier, developers are claiming that there is not much difference between both systems, in practice, an Xbox Series X developer would find a hard time to reach the console’s full potential.

The general consensus is that these things are both extremely powerful and both very similar in a lot of ways, both do different things in really cool ways. These are both extremely impressive pieces of technology.

What I’m hearing from the people who are actually working on these things, working on the metal, is that the Xbox Series X is not significantly more powerful than the PS5 despite this teraflops number.

TeamKill Media’s President, Micah Jones, also shared his enthusiasm and praise for the PlayStation 5 and its designer, Mark Cerny. Speaking to the Official PlayStation Magazine, he explains how the  Sony PlayStation 5, and its AMD Zen 2 CPU, is designed for making the life of developers so much easier.

We feel the man is an absolute genius! It felt like the system is designed with developers in mind. We are really excited about the Zen 2 CPU, which will make things possible on PS5 that were not on PS4. Also, the Tempest audio engine explanation made us squeal like little excited kids! The HRTF and sound experience that we will be able to create for our players is truly groundbreaking with the PS5.

Source: TheSixthAxis

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