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Mark Cerny
Mark Cerny

Mark Cerny is ‘an Absolute Genius’ Says Developer

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TeamKill Media’s President, Micah Jones, has shared his enthusiasm and praise for the PlayStation 5 and its designer, Mark Cerny. Speaking to the Official PlayStation Magazine, he explains how the  Sony PlayStation 5, and its AMD Zen 2 CPU, is designed for making the life of developers so much easier. He also claims that the next gen console will be able to do marvels that couldn’t be accomplished with a PlayStation 4.

We feel the man is an absolute genius! It felt like the system is designed with developers in mind. We are really excited about the Zen 2 CPU, which will make things possible on PS5 that were not on PS4. Also, the Tempest audio engine explanation made us squeal like little excited kids! The HRTF and sound experience that we will be able to create for our players is truly groundbreaking with the PS5.

We fully expect we can achieve an early PS5 launch for Quantum Error. However, we dream and pray we could release as a PS5 launch title, and believe if you set your mind to something and work hard you can achieve anything.

Certainly, one of the main aspects of the PlayStation 5, is that Sony has managed to reduce time that developers will need to spend adapting to the new system. Other developers are confident saying that, the design of the hardware will significantly reduce the crunch culture of some studios.

TeamKill Media is producing Quantum Error for the PlayStation 5, the studio is trying to finish the development soon and have the title ready for the launch of the next gen system. However, Micah Jones admits that delivering the game as a launch title may be too ambitious. TeamKill Media has confirmed that 99% of objects in the game will be physically simulated. Bullet impacts, recoil, screen shake and particle effects will all be simulated.

Source: wccftech

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