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Main character from The Surge with a modified armor
Main character from The Surge with a modified armor

The Surge Is Available for Free on Steam Until Tomorrow

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Deck 13 will be launching The Surge 2 later next month and if you don’t have any idea on what the game is about, Steam has an especial offer for you before getting your hands on the sequel. 2017’s The Surge is now available for free on Steam and you will be able to play it until August 29.

The third-person hardcore action game that was launched by the team behind Lords of the Fallen, received mediocre reviews but for Souls-Born fans it was an enjoyable title with a bunch on new creative mechanics allowing you to plan your attacks and move your steps with a strategy in mind. Now the team is working on the sequel for that game and based on what we’ve seen in previous gameplay trailers it looks to feature more improvements in world design and new combat methods along with some minor updates on the previously welcomed mechanics. The Surge 2 will be hitting stores on September 27 but if you haven’t played the predecessor, you better don’t miss the golden chance on Steam.

Aside from getting the game for free for a limited time, you can also grab it forever for only $7.49 with 75% off until August 30. If you want full-DLC version, you can take The Augmented Edition for $19.99.

The Surge 2 has gone gold ten days ago and now fans are only waiting for the release date to play this year’s next hardcore action game after Hidetaka Miyazaki’s Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. The new Surge title is set in a post-apocalyptic region called Jericho City in which you’re going to encounter with robotic giants and modified human soldiers.

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Source: VG247

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