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The Surge 2
The Surge 2

The Surge 2 Is Now Ready to Be Launched; Development Process Finished

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Deck 13, the team behind The Surge 2, officially revealed via Twitter that their upcoming third-person action game has gone gold and it’s ready to hit stores later in September.

The Surge 2 is post-apocalyptic third-person action game with more than ever RPG elements and combats as difficult as Dark Souls series. The game is set in Jericho City, where everything has been destroyed by a robotic outbreak. You journey within city is filled with different bosses each one with its own abilities that will make you to plan for killing them, just like what you used to do in Dark Souls series.

Fortunately, Deck 13 today announced that the game’s development process has reached the ending and now it’s ready to get launched on September 24th on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. However, the studio behind the game will still try to polish the game as much as it can, so it might get a day-one update as soon as it comes available for all the players around the world. You can check the gameplay demo of the game here to get familiar with The Surge 2 and its combat mechanics.

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Source: Dualshockers

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