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The Surge 2
The Surge 2

The Surge 2 New Gameplay Trailer Shows-off More of Combat System

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Deck 13 and Focus Home Interactive have released a new gameplay walkthrough for The Surge 2, through which we get to know more about the game’s combat system and other features.

Being developed as a sequel for Deck 13’s latest action RPG, The Surge 2 follows the story of a survivor in Jericho City, where a robotic and cybernetic apocalypse has led to the appearance of individual survivors around the world who are going to have to fight against mechanical giants in order to make it out alive. Through the trailer, which is accompanied with the explanation of game designer at Deck 13, we get to see our character within the city, interacting with multiple NPCs, getting missions and visiting different sections of a ruined area.

In The Surge 2, you will have access to a body-targeting system that allows you to lock on the body part of the enemy that you want to add it to your inventory or the part it’s lack make the opponent to die faster. With this ability, all the damages from your strikes will be implied on the part you’ve selected, making it easier to dismember giants in the more challenging battles.

Aside from the new features, we also get the chance to see a wide variety of weapons including a companion quadcopter that is able to attack your enemies from long ranges. After watching the video, I think this flying robot is the first thing that I’m going to get in The Surge 2. Here you can check out the trailer:

During the final minutes of the walkthrough, our hero enters the battle against a robotic monster which seems to be a tough one, but thanks to the perfect timing of the player and the undeniable help of my favorite companion, Delver Echo couldn’t make it out alive, leaving its valuable parts for us.

Despite enjoying the whole video, some minor issues like short delays in loading the textures were also spotted that we hope to get fixed in the final product.

The Surge 2 will be available on September 24 for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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